31 August 2011

KiKi In Venice

Well, what can I say about Venice. Ummm...

Well, I LOVED the many different architectural styles, which include Neo-Classical, Byzantine, and Gothic influences. However, I wasn't crazy about the dirt and waste the littered the winding walkways, alleys, and canals. I have to say, I was surprised to see such filth in a highly-visited city. But then again, it was immediately clear how a beautiful city like Venice could turn into a place that makes NYC Chinatown look the cleanest place on Earth - sooooo many tourists. We stayed in the San Marco district where most pedestrians walked shoulder to shoulder. And sadly to say, I can assume that too many visitors did not discard their trash in the hard to find trash receptacles that were sparsely placed throughout each district. And I won't mention the smells that sometimes entered the atmosphere, but this can all be expected when tons of people bombard a city that's the size of a peanut.

Another great aspect about Venice, besides viewing the fantastic architecture, was that it lacked that tourist-ty feel, although everything about it screamed tourist heaven. Yes, it was full of "DITTO" shops and restaurants, but it wasn't Cancun tourist-ty if you know what I mean.

So on a scale of 1-10, I give Venice a 5.5. The architecture makes up five of the overall points.


foosrock! said...

This is one area of Italy I haven't ventured to as of yet. I did hear it's even more horrendously expensive than say, Milan. Even before the €, Milan was extravagant. Good time to go though, as you're getting your Franc's worth.

Lovely pics. First time I've actually got a sense of what to expect from personal pictures.


KiKi said...

I didnt find Venice to be expensive at all. Actually, I purchased two pair of very cheap shoes (I mean beauty supplie store cheap - low price and poorly made). Something you wont find in Switzerland.
The food was quite expensive and they charge for each portion.
As far as Milan, I found it to be very expensive. I didn't purchase one item of clothing and I was in Milan for Pete's sake.

Viajera said...

Are you sure u're pregnant?!!! You look great!

As to Venice, haven't made the trip, but I suspect I'll go off-season, or as "off" as Venice can get.

KiKi said...

To be honest, we would've preferred to visit Amsterdam. Just saying, you shouldnt be in a rush to visit Venice.

foosrock! said...

Kiki, I never shopped in Milan as well. My ex and I used to visit there regularly, driving down to Ticino, going into Como (for the Saturday market) and then on to Milan for night life. I remember a capuccino costing Chf8.--, sitting in some café on the Piazza. Fun times though. Miss that.

So, why shouldn't one be in a rush to visit Venice?.

PS: Have you heard of Foxtown?.(sp?. Some expat Brit colleagues of mine go at least twice a month to shop for designer knock offs!)

KiKi said...

I have been to Foxtown. For me it was no big deal because I am use to various different malls being that I am from in NJ. But for my husband, who is Swiss, it was heaven. I would go there again only if I was spending the day in Ticino. I wouldnt just plan a trip there. That's my opinion.
As far as Venice, I wouldnt consider it romantic. I actually felt bad for those who were honeymooning there. I was looking forward to an unique experience. I just didnt find it in Venice. Also you have a five year old son; kids were miserable...soooo much walking. This in turn made parents miserable. But to each his own. You and your hubby may have a different experience. Oh and it was extremely dirty. Maybe living in Swiss has spoiled me for expecting clean cities.

Gaby de Modacapital said...

amazing photos!! I love Venice!

Balanced Melting Pot said...

I love the photos! I know what you mean though. I visited Venice in 2000 and thought, what's all the hype about? I've heard that Florence and Rome are definitely worth a visit and have a lot more to offer.

Mrs. Traveler said...

Hi Kiki. Just stumled across your site. Love it! The quality of your photos are INSANE. What camera do you use?

KiKi said...

@Mrs. Traveler
I use SONY Cyber-shot 3D Panorama

JQAbroad said...

I just came across your blog and wow! I'm dying to go to Italy. It's all I talk about. As of now I live in Korea and working towards my TELF so that I can work in Italy. Thanks for the photos, they have inspired me to go!

nicole is the new black said...

i have no idea how i can call myself a world traveler and i have never been to venice. mmm this needs to be remedied :) thanks for the inspiration and great pictures.

Temah und Bruwaah said...

Really nice pictures from Italy :)