26 November 2011

What Smokey Said ??!!

Newsflash...I am no longer a part of the working force.  I have been fired.  Why?  Denn ich bin schwanger -Because I am pregnant. The separation letter states it loud and clear - Reason for Termination : Pregnancy.

You see, in Switzerland, many contractual requirements include a three months probationary period, in which, you can be terminated for any reason.  Well since this was a new job and I only worked for a few weeks before being placed on sick leave - it was bound to happen. So about five weeks into my sick leave I got the call, "Sorry, but we have to let you go!"

But I'm cool.  In Switzerland, it's pretty typical for women not to work during the pregnancy and for quite some time after the birth. 

BABY COUNTDOWN: 2 month 27 days