20 December 2011

Kiki In Vienna

What can be better than traveling to a beautiful city for a weekend getaway? Answer: Doing it all while barely spending a dime.  Or shall I say zehn rappen.
My husband and I spent three days in Vienna.  Which meant traveling eight hours (each way) by train from Zurich. Yes, 16 hours round trip was a bit much.  But we were lucky enough to travel premium class paying only 15% of the actually cost for two round trip tickets.  And I found a nice, clean, CHEAP hotel one block away from the Museum Quarters.  (Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty good at finding quality, inexpensive hotels)



09 December 2011

Christmas - America vs. Switzerland

A few nights ago, my husband and I attended his company's Christmas party.  My husband's boss asked us will we celebrate an American Christmas or a Swiss Christmas once our little one is born.  I said, "American."  Of course, my husband said, "Swiss." 

I made my decision based on this...
 photo clubadfundum.ch
The dark, chilling figures in soot-covered faces are Samichlaus' helper(s) named Schmutzli. There are many tales surrounding the duties performed by Schmutzli.  My husband was raised to believe that he snatches misbehaving children, places them in his sack, and takes them to the forest.  Another story claims that he carries a broom of twigs to administer punishment to naughty children.

In recent years, Schmutzli's scary reputation has taken a more positive turn.  In some parts of Switzerland, he is viewed simply as Samichlaus' companion and helper.  But in the smaller, more conservative regions, the original Schmutzli still exists.

Personally, I prefer the good ole American "naughty or nice" tactic.  I can't imagine frightening my little one with the thought of being kidnapped.

Eventually, we concluded that we will combine both Christmas traditions. Problem is, my husband wants to include old school Schmutzli, while I want to exclude his @$$.  We'll see who will win this one...


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