15 April 2012

Battle of the Sexes

The love of my life

Funny thing...several ultrasounds indicated a boy, but to our surprise....It's a girl. 

So if you happen to be out and about in Bern, Luzern, or Basel (my favorite stomping grounds) and see a beautiful baby girl dressed like a boy...that's my baby.


20 December 2011

Kiki In Vienna

What can be better than traveling to a beautiful city for a weekend getaway? Answer: Doing it all while barely spending a dime.  Or shall I say zehn rappen.
My husband and I spent three days in Vienna.  Which meant traveling eight hours (each way) by train from Zurich. Yes, 16 hours round trip was a bit much.  But we were lucky enough to travel premium class paying only 15% of the actually cost for two round trip tickets.  And I found a nice, clean, CHEAP hotel one block away from the Museum Quarters.  (Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty good at finding quality, inexpensive hotels)



09 December 2011

Christmas - America vs. Switzerland

A few nights ago, my husband and I attended his company's Christmas party.  My husband's boss asked us will we celebrate an American Christmas or a Swiss Christmas once our little one is born.  I said, "American."  Of course, my husband said, "Swiss." 

I made my decision based on this...
 photo clubadfundum.ch
The dark, chilling figures in soot-covered faces are Samichlaus' helper(s) named Schmutzli. There are many tales surrounding the duties performed by Schmutzli.  My husband was raised to believe that he snatches misbehaving children, places them in his sack, and takes them to the forest.  Another story claims that he carries a broom of twigs to administer punishment to naughty children.

In recent years, Schmutzli's scary reputation has taken a more positive turn.  In some parts of Switzerland, he is viewed simply as Samichlaus' companion and helper.  But in the smaller, more conservative regions, the original Schmutzli still exists.

Personally, I prefer the good ole American "naughty or nice" tactic.  I can't imagine frightening my little one with the thought of being kidnapped.

Eventually, we concluded that we will combine both Christmas traditions. Problem is, my husband wants to include old school Schmutzli, while I want to exclude his @$$.  We'll see who will win this one...


Baby Countdown : 74 days

26 November 2011

What Smokey Said ??!!

Newsflash...I am no longer a part of the working force.  I have been fired.  Why?  Denn ich bin schwanger -Because I am pregnant. The separation letter states it loud and clear - Reason for Termination : Pregnancy.

You see, in Switzerland, many contractual requirements include a three months probationary period, in which, you can be terminated for any reason.  Well since this was a new job and I only worked for a few weeks before being placed on sick leave - it was bound to happen. So about five weeks into my sick leave I got the call, "Sorry, but we have to let you go!"

But I'm cool.  In Switzerland, it's pretty typical for women not to work during the pregnancy and for quite some time after the birth. 

BABY COUNTDOWN: 2 month 27 days 


31 August 2011

KiKi In Venice

Well, what can I say about Venice. Ummm...

Well, I LOVED the many different architectural styles, which include Neo-Classical, Byzantine, and Gothic influences. However, I wasn't crazy about the dirt and waste the littered the winding walkways, alleys, and canals. I have to say, I was surprised to see such filth in a highly-visited city. But then again, it was immediately clear how a beautiful city like Venice could turn into a place that makes NYC Chinatown look the cleanest place on Earth - sooooo many tourists. We stayed in the San Marco district where most pedestrians walked shoulder to shoulder. And sadly to say, I can assume that too many visitors did not discard their trash in the hard to find trash receptacles that were sparsely placed throughout each district. And I won't mention the smells that sometimes entered the atmosphere, but this can all be expected when tons of people bombard a city that's the size of a peanut.

Another great aspect about Venice, besides viewing the fantastic architecture, was that it lacked that tourist-ty feel, although everything about it screamed tourist heaven. Yes, it was full of "DITTO" shops and restaurants, but it wasn't Cancun tourist-ty if you know what I mean.

So on a scale of 1-10, I give Venice a 5.5. The architecture makes up five of the overall points.

27 August 2011

Only in Switzerland #1

It's pretty common to see this is Switzerland when we're lucky enough to have hot weather.

Check out the opened back door.  The car was unoccupied for hours.

Some Swiss don't have any qualms leaving their car doors not only unlocked, but opened to ensure their dogs get sufficient air.  I've seen this on occassion in several parking lots.  And my husband laughs every time I lock the door within seconds after entering the car.I can't help it...30+ years of programming.

Only in Switzerland can someone leave their car unattended with an opened door!

16 August 2011


In six months, my husband and I will become parents for the first time.  We are so excited!

I dedicate LOVE IS FOUND to my new love.
Btw, we saw Sade in concert in May 2011 in Zurich.  LOVED IT!!


02 August 2011

I'm Over This

Moving to a new country means falling in love with a new way of life.  It can also mean, missing the little things... like designated smoking areas.  You see, many Swiss people smoke and without designated smoking areas it can be hell.  Hell for people like me; a nonsmoker who despises cigarette smoke.

In Switzerland, smokers have no qualms lighting up in shared areas...bus stops, train stations, outdoor cafes, park benches, lakefront picnic areas... If there is a crowd, large or small, you can guarantee several people will light up without consideration of the people around them.  Smokers in Switzerland don't care if the person next to them is a baby in a stroller or a fetus in a uterus; a crowd of spectators or a crowded outdoor market. They will smoke anywhere.  I'm over this!

FYI- It has only been one year since a nationwide smoking ban prohibiting smoking in public places such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, and schools (YES, SCHOOLS) has been in effect.   

  • Crazy is walking past a school and witnessing teachers and students gathered together smoking outside of the building.
  • Crazy is having people light up two inches from you at a bus stop. 
  • Crazy is having people blow cigarette smoke in your face while you order a sandwich from an outdoor sandwich stand. 

Kiki In Germany - SNOOOOZZZZZZZE!!

My hubby and I decided to spend three days in Munich.  I wasn't impressed.  But I did enjoy a cheeseburger at Hard Rock Cafe.  Living in Switzerland means that I don't have access to "AUTHENTIC" American food.  So that cheeseburger hit the spot.