26 October 2010

My Long-Awaited Day Off

I've been ghost for the last few weeks... WHY?
Because of work.  I work Mon-Fri, 42.5 hours a week.  By Swiss terms this is considered working 100 percent. 
100% + long commute = tired ass.  Therefore, I'm not in the mood to write new posts on a daily and sometimes on a weekly basis.
But I do enjoy receiving emails inquiring about my life in Switzerland and your plans to visit Die Schweiz.  So keep them coming!!

Today, my husband and I hopped the fabulous Swiss train and made our way to Gornergrat, 10,000 feet above sea level.  We enjoyed our day.  It was quite warm; the sun was shining (I haven't seen the sun in days maybe weeks).  There were plenty of American tourists who made their selves known.  Many people complain about Americans traveling abroad; Americans are too loud, they complain, they dress, well, sooo American.  But it was refreshing to be amongst my people.  I say this because I am beginning to get the painful American questions at work.  Just to list a few:
  • Are most Americans overweight?
  • Is it true that Americans eat McDonalds for dinner?  (I find this one to be hilarious.)
  • Is it true that Americans eat pizza with their hands?
  • Why do Americans talk loud? 
My response to the last question was, "Maybe, because we are more outgoing and inviting.  We are not stiff and we appreciate a good time."  And the Americans I came across today proved this to be true.  They initiated conversation, asked questions, laughed, shared stories of their travels in Europe.  I loved it.  Moral of the story:  I'm American and damn it, SO WHAT!


11 October 2010

Just Zurich!

Just a few snap shots of my daily stomps throughout Zurich.  Enjoy!

Zurich Hauptbahnhof (Zurich Main Train Station)
My lunch.  Schinkengipfeli and orange juice.