20 December 2011

Kiki In Vienna

What can be better than traveling to a beautiful city for a weekend getaway? Answer: Doing it all while barely spending a dime.  Or shall I say zehn rappen.
My husband and I spent three days in Vienna.  Which meant traveling eight hours (each way) by train from Zurich. Yes, 16 hours round trip was a bit much.  But we were lucky enough to travel premium class paying only 15% of the actually cost for two round trip tickets.  And I found a nice, clean, CHEAP hotel one block away from the Museum Quarters.  (Not to toot my own horn, but I am pretty good at finding quality, inexpensive hotels)




La said...

Vienna is beautiful!!!

foosrock! said...

I liked Wien the first time I went, and was pleasantly surprised at how friendly and service oriented the Austrians are, ie, in comparison to what we get here in Switzerland.
Did you pig out on Sachertorte?.


KiKi said...
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KiKi said...

No, I didnt eat Sachertorte. I saw Sachertorte being prepared at a bake off competition once. I didnt know that it was an Austrian dessert. Now Im upset that I didnt have any :(

Nicole Daisy M. said...

wow, Kiki that's awesome. I never been to Vienna but wish I can visit one day. Ughhhh, I'm craving with those sweets now. :D

Nicole of ImmigrationDirect

HummingLoon said...

Great pics! I especially like the panorama shots.

I'm really hoping to get to Switzerland one day. Seems that I have to plan well ahead because from Holland it isn't so cheap.

Switzerland netizen said...

I'm so glad that you had a great time there Kiki.