02 August 2011

I'm Over This

Moving to a new country means falling in love with a new way of life.  It can also mean, missing the little things... like designated smoking areas.  You see, many Swiss people smoke and without designated smoking areas it can be hell.  Hell for people like me; a nonsmoker who despises cigarette smoke.

In Switzerland, smokers have no qualms lighting up in shared areas...bus stops, train stations, outdoor cafes, park benches, lakefront picnic areas... If there is a crowd, large or small, you can guarantee several people will light up without consideration of the people around them.  Smokers in Switzerland don't care if the person next to them is a baby in a stroller or a fetus in a uterus; a crowd of spectators or a crowded outdoor market. They will smoke anywhere.  I'm over this!

FYI- It has only been one year since a nationwide smoking ban prohibiting smoking in public places such as restaurants, bars, cinemas, and schools (YES, SCHOOLS) has been in effect.   

  • Crazy is walking past a school and witnessing teachers and students gathered together smoking outside of the building.
  • Crazy is having people light up two inches from you at a bus stop. 
  • Crazy is having people blow cigarette smoke in your face while you order a sandwich from an outdoor sandwich stand. 


Viajera said...

Not much better here in Holland. A lot of people are ignoring the rules. Nobody seems to be enforcing the rules, so we should invest in some gas masks. :P

foosrock! said...

Soooooooooooo bloody agree. EVERY morning while standing at the tram stop in ZH, THIS HAPPENS TO ME!. It got to the point where I'm forced to stand as far away from the tram stop to preserve my lungs and my fresh smell. Such an inconsiderate bunch of losers. This is a topic that's such a sore point with me, that I've started my own little campaign of just letting them know I was in that spot FIRST and if they need to light up, then go somewhere else. It actually works!.

KiKi said...

@Viajera Crazy how we both live in beautiful, green spaces, but cant find fresh air.

@foosrock! It's not as if they light up 2, 3 ,4 feet away; they will be elbow to elbow with the person next to them. I dont get it.

Niki said...

It's so funny, I did a year abroad en Suisse as a 16 year old and was shocked when, during break at my first day at school, the lobby was lit up with smoke! That truly boggled my mind. I see nothing's changed:)

Davide said...

man, that's so awful. I have one more:

- Crazy is having a guy in my building that light up the cigarette inside the elevator, just a few seconds before leaving the building.